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Posted: November 17, 2017 11:35 a.m.
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The Devil made me do it

We often hear these words or words similar to these. Maybe we say them ourselves.   We use them to belittle the things that we fail at or to excuse our shortcomings.  Perhaps we use them to describe the bad things that we have done.  The arguments we have had with others, the mean, bad things that we have done to them - we use these words to say that we are not bad, horrible people.  We do bad things to the ones we love and then use this simple phrase to justify it or help us deal with the garbage that we spew out onto others.

The problem with all of the above statements is that they are a lie.  They are all an excuse.  The devil can’t make you do anything.  He has no authority over you and is not all knowing or seeing or all powerful.  He is a servant of God and is under the authority of God.  God can and does tell the devil what to do.  We see examples of this throughout scripture but one of the clearest examples is in the book of Job.  The devil can’t cause any harm physically to Job because God tells him he can’t.   Later that same chapter God tells the devil that he can harm Job but can’t kill him.  It is very clear that the devil cannot go outside the authority that God has given to him.  

So what does this mean?  It means that not only do we not have an excuse, it means that we can’t be forced into doing anything by the devil.  We can only choose to be enticed by the devil, to be influenced by him.   It also means that we can refuse to be influenced by him.  Let’s be clear, the devil is a perfectly evil creature that only seeks to devour anyone he is able to - to entice and destroy anyone and everyone that he can lays his hands on.  There is no good in him, there is no good part of him.  He is not like Darth Vader, where Luke can sense some good in him, that Vader can be saved and converted.  The devil is no good and will not be good, no matter what.  

The difficult thing is that we can’t beat or resist the devil on our own.  We will never be able to.  We can only resist the devil if we rely on God, if we rely on His strength, not our own.  Therefore it is key to rely more and more each day on the Word of God to find His strength, to find His will for all of us.  None of us is so far gone that we can’t be saved.  None of us is so evil that we can’t be loved by God.  

That is the truth.  That is the whole truth and unlike the devil, God will never lie to us.  God will never run from us and will never abandon us.  The goal of the devil is to consume us and destroy us.  The goal of the Lord is to bring us to Him and show us the pure perfect love that only comes from Him.

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