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Posted: November 22, 2017 1:50 p.m.
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Marne Week recognizes participants

Photo by Catherine Diane Johnson/

Participants for the 3rd ID Marne Week activities were recongized Nov. 16 at Cottrell Field on Fort Stewart. The event marked the Marne Division's 100th Anniversary of Service to the Nation.

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Staff Report


The results for the 3rd Infantry Division’s Marne Week competitions were announced Nov. 16 with the 9th Brigade Engineer Battalion earning First place at 270 points.  The remaining top ten respectively included Task Force 1st Battalion, 28 Inf. Regiment with 225 points; 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment with 180 points; 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery with 145 points; 2nd Battalion - 7th Infantry Regiment with 100 points; 92nd Engineers with 90 points; 63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion with 85 points; 385th Military Police Battalion with 85 points; 703rd Brigade Support Battalion with 50 points; 3rd Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment with 50 points; 3rd Special Troops Battalion with 50 points; 2d Battalion, 67th Armor with 45 points; 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade with 45 points; 5th Squadron, and tied for 10th place with 40 points each were 5th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment; 3rd Inf. Div. Artillery; and 123rd Division Signal Battalion. 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team was announced as the over-all winner of the Commander's Cup. 

The Commander’s Cup was scored with the unit earning 50 points for first; 40 points for second; 30 pints for third; and 15 points for third.  All other participants received 5 points per event.  Units not participating in Commander’s Cup, didn’t earn points.  In the event of a tie, the Functional Fitness Challenge determined the winner.  

Aside from the Commander’s Cup events; which included Flag football; Basketball; softball; volleyball, soccer; and combatives, several Medal events were also held.  Medal events included Tug-o-War; Golf Scramble; Ultimate Friesbee; 10 Kilometer Run; Bowling; Spouse’s Kickball; Dodgeball; Swimming Relay; Racquetball; Functional Fitness Challenge the Sgt. 1st Calss Thornsbury Challenge and the Marne Mile.  Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals were presented for first second and third place. 


Commander Cup Events:

Basketball.  First: 703 BSB; Second place: TF 1-28; Third place: 5-7 Cav. 

Flag Football. First: 1-9 FA; Second: 3 CAB; Third: 9 BEB  

Softball.  First: 9 BEB; Second: TF 1-28; Third: 6-8 Cav.  

Volleyball.  First: 1-9 FA; Second: 92 Engineers Third: TF 1-28

Soccer. First: 9 BEB; Second: 1-9 FA; Third: TF 1-28


Fly weight. First: 6-8 Cav.; Second: 385 MP; Third 63 ESB

Light weight. First: 92 Engineer; Second: 6-8 Cav

Welter weight. First: 3STB; Second: TF 1-28

Middle Weight. First: 2-7 Inf.; Second: 9 BEB; Third: DIVARTY 

Cruiserweight. First: 2-7 Inf.; Second: 63ESB

Light Heavyweight. First: TF 1-28; Second: 2-67 Inf.; Third: 123 DSB

Heavyweight. First: 3-67 Armor; Second: 6-8 Cav.; Third 385th MP


Medal Events: 

Tug O’ War. First: 1-9 FA; Second: 3-67 Armor; Third: 2-7 Inf. 

Golf. First: 6-8 Cav.; Second: 92nd Engineer; Third: 1-9 FA

Ultimate Frisbee. First: 6-8 Cav.; Second: 92 Engineer; Third 1-9 FA

10 Kilometer Race

Male. First: 3-15 Inf.; Second: TF 1-28; Third: 2-68 Cav.

Female. First: TF 1-28; Second: 703 BSB; Third 6-8 Cav.

Overall. First: 3-15 Inf.; Second: 92 Engineer; Third: TF 1-28

Functional Fitness. 

Female. First: 3-15 Inf.; Second: TF 1-28; Third: 2-68 Cav.

Male. First:  3-15 Inf.; Second: TF 1-28; Third: 2-69 Armor

Bowling: First: 5-7 Cav.; Second: 3-15 Inf.; Third: 9 BEB

Spouses Kickball. 3rd Sustainment Brigade; Second: 92 Engineers; 2-7 Inf.

Dodgeball. First: TF 1-28; Second: 3rd STB; Third: HHB DIVARTY

Swimming.  First: 3-67 Armor; Second: 92 Engineer; Third: 6-8 Cav.

Racquetball.  First: STB, Second: 92 Engineer

Thornsbury Challenge. First: 1-9 FA; Second: 2-69 Armor; Third: TF 1-28 

Marne Mile. First: 92 Engineer; Second: 2-15 Inf.; Third: 1-9 FA

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