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Posted: December 1, 2017 10:27 a.m.
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Appenzeller promoted to BG

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Brig. Gen. George “Ned” Appenzeller is promoted to brigadier general by Lt. Gen. Nadja Y. West, the Surgeon General and MEDCOM Commanding General, during a ceremony held at Fort Stewart’s Marne Garden Nov. 22.

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Building One and Sgt. Rocky the Bulldog, the 3rd Infantry Division headquarters building and mascot respectively, served as the backdrop for the then, Col. George “Ned” Appenzeller’s promotion ceremony. Appenzeller was promoted to Brigadier General by Lieutenant General Nadja Y. West, the Surgeon General and Commanding General, United States Army Medical Command during a ceremony held in Fort Stewart’s Marne Garden Nov. 22. 

Many Family members, friends, colleagues, Soldiers, community members and Civilians attended the ceremony for the Appenzellers. This show of support was not lost on Appenzeller who said spending six years at Stewart,  some at Winn Army Community Hospital and a couple of years at the 3rd ID, makes the area feel like home.

“We started out working in the emergency room here,” Appenzeller said. “Then moved over and spent a couple years at the Division deployed during the surge, and then I came back and was the deputy commander of the Hospital here. My kids grew up here. We love the area; we love the post, and this really feels like where we belong.”

After the pinning of his jacket by his wife Amanda and father, George W. Appenzeller, his brigadier general beret was presented to him by his mother, Susan Appenzeller. The presentation of the one-star flag, belt and pistol were given to Appenzeller by his children Katherine, Lauren and Forest.

As the 44th Surgeon General, West’s availability to perform the promotion was special to Appenzeller. Expressing his gratitude, Appenzeller said West is an “incredible woman”.

“She leads all of the MEDCOM,” he said.  “I was very appreciative that when I asked her to come preside over my ceremony that she accepted and took the time out of her incredibly busy schedule to come down and do this.”

West thanked Appenzeller’s Family for their support of him and said she felt sincerely honored for the opportunity to serve as the host for the promotion ceremony.

“Today we are definitely promoting an officer who has been a leader of change,” West said.

"[He] adapts to his circumstances when appropriate and to ensure that Army Medicine will adapt and transform to meet the unknown, in the unknown future that we will be asked to support as medical professionals. 

 “So, not only is Ned adaptable,” West said, “But he is also always cool and collected, those who know him well say … [He is] someone who can keep their head when all those around him are losing theirs.”

West said Appenzeller is the right person for his position as the Deputy Commanding Office Regional Health Command-Pacific.

The Regional Health Command – Pacific is a huge geographical area, which oversees the medical facilities along the West Coast, Alaska, Hawaii, Korea and Japan.  Appenzeller said he and his Family are looking forward to the new duty station and finds it exciting to meet young officers, Soldiers and NCOs who will lead the Army in the future.

“It’s an incredible new adventure for me and my Family,” Appenzeller said. “We’ve never lived in the Pacific Northwest, and we’ve never spent much time in the Pacific, so it’s going to be a great learning opportunity.  So, they’ll teach me just as much as I could ever teach them.”

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