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Posted: May 4, 2017 10:21 a.m.
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Marne 6 Sends

Thank You!

Photo by Lt. Col. Brian Fickel/

Maj. Gen. Jim Rainey speaks to the 3rd Infantry Division staff during a map exercise as part of Warfighter 17-01 at Fort Stewart, Oct. 12. The Warfighter exercise was the culminating exercise certifying the division as trained and ready for real-world missions.

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Marne Team,

It has been an honor and privilege to command the Marne Division, Fort Stewart, and Hunter Army Airfield over the past two years. As I wrap up my time with you, I am convinced more than ever that the 3rd Infantry Division is prepared to deploy anywhere to accomplish any mission in support of our national security objectives. I know this because our Soldiers train hard, our leaders fight to train, our installation and community support our Soldiers and Families, and our Families support our Soldiers. I am proud of everything we have accomplished together and I thank each of you for your service and sacrifices.

Readiness is our number one priority. Over the past two years, Dog Face Soldiers have conducted countless live fire exercises, gunneries, command post exercises, and other individual and collective training in order to develop trained and ready formations. Our Soldiers expend over 13 million rounds of ammunition on our ranges so they can be ready to deploy, fight and win - and they are. Our Soldiers are the reason the division is successful.

We could not conduct this realistic training without world-class installations such as Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield, and our garrison staffs at those locations. They are the best in the Army - hands down. Fort Stewart is the largest Army installation east of the Mississippi River and it allows us to fire every weapon in use by the Division. The garrison staff of approximately 4,000 Army Civilian workers and contractors supports our training, readiness, and our Families. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of professionals.

We are equally blessed to live and serve in supportive communities that work publically and privately to support our Soldiers and Families. One of the things Tracy and I will miss the most as our time comes to a close here is participating in the hundreds of local community events and spending time with friends of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Most importantly, our Families at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield are the absolute best. It is not lost on me how difficult it is for Families to be a part of a division with such a high operational tempo with rotations to the training centers, home station training, numerous exercises, preparation for future missions and leader development. Our Families are very special to us. It would be impossible for us to do our Nation’s work without their support and for them I am very grateful.
I am very proud to have commanded the Marne Division. Thanks to each and every member of the Marne team for everything you do to make this Division successful and ready to fight and win.

The Marne team welcomes back Maj. Gen. [Leopoldo A.] Quintas and his wonderful wife, Lori to Fort Stewart. Lee is a veteran Dog Face Soldier, most recently serving as the division’s Chief of Staff. I know that the Quintas team will take the Division to the next level.

Rock of the Marne!

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