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Posted: November 3, 2017 9:08 a.m.
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Reuniting at Pleasant Grove

Dina McKain/

Garrison Command Sgt. Major Martin Conroy participates with members of the Pleasant Grove community in laying a wreath at the headstone of the churches founder, Rev. Piner Martin

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Members of Hinesville, Ga. Pleasant Grove A.M.E. Church gathered on the grounds their ancestors settled in the 1800’s on what is now Fort Stewart for the biennial camp meeting Saturday Oct. 28.  Pleasant Grove was part of the overall Taylors Creek community and was home to a wooden church, and a one-room school house.  Residents made their living harvesting the hardwood of the live oak trees, and producing pine resin and turpentine to export for the purpose of shipbuilding. 

In 1941 the quiet of the community was broken by the governments seizure of the land to create a military training installation.  Residents were forced from their homes and land.  Most moved to nearby Liberty County and Hinesville, and Allenhurst where they began their communities and churches again. 

Today members of Pleasant Grove gather once every other year to reconnect with one another and to remember where their ancestors came from.  

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