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Posted: January 19, 2018 11:19 a.m.
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Marne Tax Center offers free service

The tax filing season is upon us.  Did you know that there are free tax preparation services available at both Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield?  If you are an active duty Service Members, or Retired from active duty, or are a Family Member of an active duty Soldier or a retiree, you are entitled to receive this free service.  


Question.  When will the Marne Tax Center open this year?

Answer. The Marne Tax Center will be opened for business on Jan. 23.  Fort Stewart will open at 9:30 a.m. after the grand opening ceremony, and Hunter Army Airfield will open at 11:30 a.m. after the grand opening ceremony. 


Q. Where is the Marne Tax Center located?

A. The Fort Stewart office is located in Building 816E, 2233 Gulick Ave. The Hunter Army Airfield office is located in Building 1211, 638 Horace Emmet Wilson Boulevard, (the Hunter Army Airfield legal assistance office).


Q. What are the hours of the Marne Tax Center?

A. The Marne Tax Center will be open as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.

Thurday, 1 p.m.. – 6:15 p.m. 

Friday, 10 a.m. to  6:15 p.m.


Q. Why choose the Marne Tax Center?

A. The Marne Tax Center provides quality, free tax preparation services to eligible individuals.  All of our tax preparers are IRS-trained and certified as Volunteer Preparers and use TaxSlayer software, issued and endorsed by the IRS.  We prepare federal and most state returns and provide electronic filing.  There are absolutely no fees, hidden gimmicks, or any other costs associated with the Marne Tax Center. Whether you need to file a 1040-EZ, or a 1040 with numerous attached schedules, it is a free service; eligible clients do not have to pay to have their returns whether you need to file one state return, or multiple state returns, the cost to you remains the same - zero. 


Q. Can I make an appointment?

A. No, both offices will be accepting walk-in clients on a first come, first serve basis. 


Q. What do I need to bring with me?

A. In order for our tax preparers to provide customers with the best service and assistance, you will need to bring all of the proper documents and a little bit of patience. You will need to bring the following documents as they apply to your situation:  

• W2/1099misc/ 1099SSA

• Family mortgage interest statement (1098)

•   Power of attorney if necessary

• Prior year tax return

• Proof of dependant care expenses

• Interest income statement (e.g., 1099INT

• Identity theft pin

• Dividend income statement (e.g., 1099DIV)

• 1099B (for stocks/bonds)

• Statements reflecting capital gains/loss

• 1095 – Proof of medical insurance Coverage

• Photo identification

• Social security card for self and all members claiming on your return

• Student loan interest statement

• Divorce decree if applicable

• Proof of educational expenses

• HUD 1 statement (if home purchased during the tax year)

• IRA/TSP contribution statements

• Educator Expenses

• Account and routing number for direct deposit/debit (cancelled check)


* You must also bring Form 1095 – Proof of Medical Insurance Coverage

** For those taxpayers claiming domicile in states other than Georgia, you must have the city/county/school district information for the state you are filing in.

*** Additionally, if you have received any letters or other correspondence from the IRS throughout the year, be sure to bring all of those documents as well.


Q. When should I bring my taxes in for filing?

A. Although the earlier you file, the sooner you can receive your refund, you must have all necessary documents before you can file your taxes.  You may not have all the documents available to file for several weeks after the tax season begins.  If you own a personal residence, you need to wait until you receive your 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement(s) in order to take advantage of deductions/credits that may be available.  If you have taxable interest or dividends that you receive, you will need to wait until you receive your 1099 INT or 1099 DIV prior to filing so that the correct amount is included and you won’t have to needlessly amend the original return.  If you don’t have all your necessary documents when the tax season opens (e.g. social security cards, all W2s, 1099s), you will be told to wait and will need to come back to the Tax Center at a later date.  Rental property returns will be accepted starting on 1 March for only one rental property.  Please ensure that all of your expenses are organized before you arrive at the Tax Center as our preparers cannot organize your receipts for you. 


Q. I was deployed last year and still have not filed last year’s tax return.  Can the Tax Center help me file both returns?

A. The Marne Tax Center will not be able to file any returns for previous years (other than 2017 returns).  If you need assistance in filing these returns within your extension timeline, please call the Fort Stewart Office at 912-767-1040 or the Hunter Army Airfield Office at 912-315-3675 starting on January 23rd, or visit either location for guidance on how to file those returns.


Q. What if I can’t find my or my family member’s social security card? Can’t I just bring my military ID card?

A. It is essential that you bring your social security card with you to the Marne Tax Center. Before filing your tax return, we need to be certain that the name and social security number on your tax return exactly matches the information contained in the Social Security Administration’s records. If the information does not match, your taxes will not properly be filed, and this could lead to a delay in receiving any refund due.

 Alternatively, we will also accept a memorandum from the Social Security Administration identifying the taxpayer or family member.  If you cannot find your social security card, please visit or the Social Security Administration in Savannah, Ga at 430 Mall Blvd #1, Savannah, Ga 31406.


Q. Are there any tax returns the Tax Center cannot prepare for me?

A. Yes, the Tax Center cannot help prepare taxes that fall under the following categories: Business/Self Employment; sale of rental properties, day trading activities; and other situations that may be outside the scope of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. Contact the Marne Tax Center if you have questions pertaining to your specific situation. 


Q. Are there other options available to me for free or at a reduced cost?

A. Yes, there are several options that you can use to prepare your taxes other than the Marne Tax Centers. 

The Savannah VITA Center is located at Neighborhood Improvement Association, 1816 Abercorn Street, Savannah, Ga 31401. They can be reached at 912-447-5577.  They provide the same service that the Marne Tax Centers do, but certain income limits may apply.

Military OneSource offers free tax preparation software at

Their phone number for assistance while filing is 800-342-9647.  This service is provided to Service members, their Families, and Retirees who have left the service within 180 days.  Access is granted once users have registered on the site, no CAC required.

Finally, you can use commercial tax preparation software at low cost, or utilize a commercial tax preparation business to file your returns for a fee.


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