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Posted: January 26, 2018 1:17 p.m.
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Fair prepares Soldiers, Families for deployment

Staff Sgt. Quanesha Barnett /

Soldiers and families received information on how to prepare for a deployment during a deployment fair. The 1st Armor Brigade Combat Team held their first deployment fair this year on Fort Stewart.

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The recently announced deployment to the Republic of Korea for the 1st Armor Brigade Combat Team is quickly approaching and the “Raider Brigade” is finishing final preparations before boarding planes.

Soldiers and Family members, especially those new to the Army, have many questions about the deployment. To help Raider Soldiers and Families prepare, the brigade held a week long deployment fair for Soldiers and Families to get the answer they need from different organizations.

The brigade coordinated with over 15 organizations such as Red Cross, Army Community Service, Directorate of Plans Training Mobilization and Security, Directorate of Emergency Services, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (DFMWR) to help answer any questions.

A representative for ACS, Chester Bradley asked the Soldiers and Families in attendance how they prepare for upcoming deployments. Some Soldiers and Families had answers from past experiences and for others this is their first Army deployment. 

“I can help you prepare for a deployment,” said Bradley. “When getting ready for a deployment, make sure you have a family care plan, a power of attorney and communicate with family members throughout the deployment.” 

There was more information given out to help with communication at the fair, and attendees received booklets on how to keep their relationships strong, finances in orders, and families and friends informed during the nine months Raider Brigade Soldiers will be gone. The fairs were not just for married Soldiers and Families but for everyone across the formation.

“This deployment fair was a great opportunity for single Soldiers because they received information to give to their families who could not make it to the fair,” said Staff Sgt. Raymond Irizarry, the 1ABCT Family Readiness Liaison. “It was also important for young couples deploying for the first time to be informed about the different agencies that are available to them for any situation to assist them.”

In addition to general information, all attendees had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with agency representatives. This gave single Soldiers and married Soldiers a chance to address individual situations and share valuable information to dependents.

In closing, Bradley said that the services are here for the Soldiers and Family members and they can reach out to ACS and the other organizations for any information.


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