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Posted: March 22, 2018 11:11 a.m.
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Red Cross drivers give selfless services

Photo by Zach Rehnstrom/

U.S. Army Medical Department Activity - Fort Stewart, Red Cross transportation program volunteer, Bruce King shuttles a mother and child to the hospital's entrance.

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Winn Army Community Hospital Red Cross Volunteer Bruce King boards his electric-powered golf cart and prepares to start his daily routine of driving throughout the Winn campus to find patients who need a lift.

“On an average, we pick up anywhere from 36 to 60, depending on the day,” King said. “So, that’s 60 people that we pick up on a daily basis, and give them a ride up to the hospital.”

King is just one of the many members who make up the volunteer transportation team at Winn. The transportation program is the brainchild of retired Col. Dick Webb.

“Colonel Webb called me up at my house and said ‘Sergeant major, what are you doing these days?’ I told him that I was looking for a position to do some volunteering, and I started with him, and I’ve been out here ever since,” King said.

The innovative program began in 2007, and at that time King was the first recruit.  As the program continued to grow, so did the interest from other individuals looking to make a difference for the beneficiaries at Winn.

“When I started, I had a strong feeling that everybody has to have a mission,” Webb said. “This program, the golf cart transportation program, was my mission.”

King’s mission and the golf cart program, as a whole, took on a different meaning during the early December 2017 mass casualty event involving a school bus crash. During that time, the Red Cross utilized King and the other volunteers to transport Family members who were desperately searching to find their children.

“We were picking up people in the parking lot that weren’t familiar with Winn ACH,” King said. “More than one said how much they appreciated having somebody meet them in the parking lot.”

For King, this program allows him the opportunity to provide a valuable service to Soldiers and their Families. Whether it’s a mother and child or someone just looking for lunch at the dining facility, King believes each passenger has value, and it is his job to get them to their destination.

“If I pick up one mother with three kids in the back parking lot and give her a ride up to the Outpatient Clinic, I feel that I’ve done something for that day,” King said.

Webb and the army of volunteers said they happily provide transportation services to the beneficiaries at Winn Army Community Hospital, and they don’t have plans of stopping anytime soon. 

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