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Posted: March 29, 2018 9:14 a.m.
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Teen Talk

Thinking about plants for your home?

We all know that plants and trees are the earth’s source of oxygen. With the great amount of pollution, it can be harder to breathe in pure air. Having plants actually in your home is more beneficial than you may think. 

Plants purify the air we breathe. What’s even better is when we take the time to grow our own fruits and vegetables for our family and friends. Not only do you get cleaner air, you have better food to eat. Another reason plants are great for having in your house, it is said to boost concentration and memory. Herbs are another impressive plants to have in your house. There are lavender herbs, even different types of mint herb. Lavender is my favorite. It helps calm me down after my siblings have been exceptionally irritating, ha! Herbs are great for teas, too! 

Plants make great house warming gifts or just regular gifts in general. Sometimes it can be hard to think of a gift to give a person, especially if you don’t know what they may like. Plants, of course are great assets to one’s home. There are a plethora of health benefits that plants provide and the results vary, so keep in mind they all have substantial results. Having plants all around your house not only gives a pleasant homey feel, they give great health benefits. Why not have a few plants in your home?


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