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Posted: May 4, 2018 2:49 p.m.
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Maintainers conducts live-fire training

Spc. Calab Franklin/

Pvt. Devron Bost quartermaster and chemical equipment repairer with Co. B, 703rd BSB, 2nd ABCT, 3rd ID, fires an AT4 unguided anti-armor weapon during a Brigade Support Area live fire, April 25, Fort Stewart.

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Maintainers with 703rd Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, established a brigade support area and conducted a base defense live fire exercise, April 25, at Fort Stewart.

The “Maintain” Battalion utilized the Fort Stewart training area to simulate an operational environment and neutralize “threats” intended to disrupt the unit’s logistical operations.  

Occupying and defending a BSA is a core task for the support battalion.  A BSA is the hub for all the brigade’s logistical activities.  In addition to providing critical sustainment, the BSB must be able to secure and defend its position.

Occupation of a BSA occupation is a deliberate process. After occupation, the BSB must develop a defense plan that secures and protects the BSA activities during decisive action operations.

Now as an armored brigade combat team the Spartan Brigade has a larger logistical footprint than when they were an infantry brigade combat team, the increased size offers different and unique challenges.

Maj. Benjamin T Nakamura, the 2nd ABCT logistical officer in charge, spoke on the importance of a BSA by explaining.

“A brigade support area is where we coordinate support that's going to go out to the units while they are fighting, it’s our central hub. The BSB log assets are there making it accessible for them to take out to their units. Supplies are pushed out from the BSA and forward to the  fight.”

Nakamura went on to talk about finding a viable location to centralize the BSA. Giving our front line a direct access to supplies. 

“It needs to be an area that's easily defendable, but can't be too close to the forward line of troops where the battle will take place.You want it to be accessible to high speed avenues of approach allowing you to get to areas where you will be linking up with troops and pushing logistical packages”

 All Soldiers arriving at the BSA have an understood task and purpose, setting up the BSA, conducting maintenance on military vehicles and equipment, supporting 2nd ABCT with fuel, ammo, and medical tents are all part of the “Maintainers” mission.

“Taking us from the shop environment back into the field is a good feeling,” said Spc. Jorge Medina, a radio comsec security repairer with B. Co. 703rd BSB. “The process of the exercise is something a lot of junior enlisted Soldiers never learned, and receiving this training for future deployments makes us more confident in our abilities to support the brigade mission.”

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