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Posted: June 22, 2018 8:34 a.m.
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Fort Stewart veterinary clinic houses adoptable strays


A stray kitten is housed at the Fort Stewart Veterinary Treatment and Stray Facility on Fort Stewart, June 12. Animals are brought into the clinic if they are found unaccompanied on post and are cared for until their owners are found or they are adopted.

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 Soldiers and Families of Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia, need to look no further than right here on post when seeking to adopt a Family pet. 

The Fort Stewart Veterinary Treatment and Stray Facility is one of two facilities left in the Army which houses stray animals up for adoption, said Sgt. India Mainville, noncommissioned officer in charge at the Fort Stewart Veterinary Treatment Facility. 

“Any animal that is found on the post is brought to us,” Mainville said. “We handle their care and find them their owners, new adopters or rescues to take them.” 

Once a stray is brought into the clinic, the animal is given an intake exam by one of the veterinarians at the clinic within the first three days.

“They will do a full nose-to-tail exam,” Mainville said. 

The animals also receive required preventative vaccines and rabies shots. . 

“We want to make sure we are protecting the animals from any diseases they can pass onto other animals,” Mainville said. 

Mainville said it is better for the pet to start the process earlier instead of waiting until their forever Family comes along.

Military ID holders are eligible to adopt as well as use the post’s veterinarian services. 

The veterinarians at the Fort Stewart Veterinary Clinic take applications for the pets and review potential owner's information to choose the best home for the pet. 

“We want to make sure that adopters can provide that animal with what it needs so that it doesn't end up back in a shelter,” Mainville said. 

The facility housed 12 animals at once in June but has had merely a few available in other seasons said Mainville. There have been senior dogs, dogs who have had puppies, rabbits, cats, pregnant cats and more. 

“You never know what you’re going to walk into when you come to the vet clinic,” Mainville said. “If anybody is interested in any of the animals we have on our Facebook page, the best thing they can do is come in right away and put in an application.” 

For information, visit the Fort Stewart Pets Facebook page at or contact the Fort Stewart Vet Clinic at 461 West Bultman, Building 1180, phone number  435-7387.

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