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Posted: June 28, 2018 9:03 a.m.
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Hunter holds Vacation Bible School

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Hunter Army Airfield held its vacation bible school, June 18-22.

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Soldiers from 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade engaged with children at vacation bible school, June 18 at Hunter Army Airfield's club. Vacation bible school is an annual event from June 18-22, children learned faith and spiritual resilience to rescue them from any situation.

This year’s theme was a shipwreck. The character “Shipwreck Jeff” was shipwrecked on an island and he goes through a series of emotions and trials.

“The character goes through a series of emotions and how he battles through depression, loneliness and stress,” said Spc. Steven Billings, religious affairs specialist for 603rd Aviation Support Battalion. “When we present those ideas to the children then we able to give them support with faith.”

For the past couple of days, the children have been in interactive classes where they learn how to address and transform their negative situations into resilience.

Charles Archer, director of religious education at Hunter Army Airfield Chapel, gave what he has observed in the teachings in the vacation bible school program.

“I have seen children that have really come out their shell from being loners, to now they are interacting and learning how to work with one another,” said Archer.

The lessons that the children learn here comes full circle. We are saving children here with spiritual resilience, said Archer.

The children at vacation bible school program are like little balls of light and energy of the purest form still filled with innocence. It resonates within all of them.

“The children love the songs the most and they learn from the activities what they do daily,” said Archer. “Before they go home we teach them about 'God sightings.'

“God Sightings are shown to the children as when they see a person do something nice for another person,” said Archer.

Spc. Steven Billings, the main character “Shipwreck Jeff” in the morning vignettes hold hope in his hands in the lessons he teaches.

“Despite the circumstances, the situations and how their upbringing, is the Lord is always there for you,” said Billings. 

The vacation bible school has about 80 children this year for Hunter Army Airfield and combined with Fort Stewart attending children they have reached more than 250 children in the community.

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