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Posted: August 17, 2018 9:42 a.m.
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HRC preps for GRF

3rd IDSB/

Soldiers load vehicles on a C-17 during an EDRE at Hunter Army Airfield, Aug. 7. Soldiers in the 90th HRC, STB, 3rd IDSB, held the exercise in preparation for their assignment as the part of the Global Response Force this fall.

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Soldiers with the 90th Human Resources Company, Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade conducted an Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise, Aug. 7 to prepare themselves for an upcoming mission with the Global Response Force. 

The company will join the GRF this October and must be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to respond to emergencies at home and abroad. In the event of an real-world disaster or emergency, they would have two days or less to be ready to depart. The trainisg was the company’s validation to ensure they ‘re preapred to execute the mission in the alloted time. 

“The purpose of the EDRE level III is to prepare Soldiers on what to expect, with our main goal to deploy within 18 hours of notification,” said Staff Sgt. Tierra Hopkins, 90th HRC platoon sergeant. “They must go through Soldier readiness processing and the loading exercise to head to any location.”

The week-long exercise consisted of various training to prepare for a deployment with a culminating event of loading the vehicles on aircrafts to fly to wherever the unit is deployed to. 

On Aug. 1, the company was alerted to start the process for the EDRE. The Soldiers were called to make sure they were ready for accountability with their necessary equipment for the exercise. Leaders began planning for the training that would take place for the next seven days.

“We’re making sure we have everything we need to have this run successfully, we have to plan accordingly for the mission,” said 2nd Lt. Nathan Royster, 90th HRC platoon leader. “It trains the Soldiers for what is expected if we ever do get activated. Gives them the mindset of ‘this can actually happen so let me take notes.’”

Throughout the week, the Soldiers received their immunizations, went through a dummy draw for ammunition, and trained on weighing the trucks before they took them to Hunter Army Airfield.

On the morning of the seventh, the company convoyed to Hunter to complete their exercise. The arrival/departure airfield control group from the 254th Movement Control Team, STB, 3rd IDSB,  assisted the 90th HRC Soldiers with weighing the vehicles and inspecting them to make sure they were flight ready.

““Everybody is working together as a team to succeed,” Royster said.

If the company was to ever activate, they would fly out the tactical vehicles they need to complete their mission. The loading exercise allowed the company to experience the process of getting the trucks weighed, inspected and loaded onto aircraft. 

“We make it realistic as if the Soldiers get alerted to what is about to happen,” Hopkins said. 

“All Soldiers deploy to wherever across the United States, and I think it’s good for our Soldiers to have training so they can fight in combat, but they should be able to fight on the homeland as well and provide any type of HR support.”

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