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Posted: August 23, 2018 1:35 p.m.
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Behind the Scenes: spotlighting Richard Johnson

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Richard Johnson, a mobilization and deployment specialist working with Army Community Service for more than eight years is this weeks ACS Behind the Scene spotlight.

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Deployments is word that most military members understand, and some dread.  Together with reintegration, they indicate a process, which can be stressful for everyone involved.  

Prior to deployments, Soldiers must prepare for the overseas challenges; mentally and physically.  Both the Soldier and their loved one must adapt to a new environment, in dealing with their absence. Sometimes talking with someone can help.  Especially when that person understand the experience you are going through, and has the right attitude. 

Richard Johnson, a mobilization and deployment specialist working with Army Community Service for more than eight years is a genuinely jocular person. When speaking with him, his easy banter and wealth of knowledge, helps defuse the tension as he helps address your concerns. 

Johnson served in the Army for more than 21 years.  He understands navigating stress, before, during and after deployments for individuals – married or single.     

The Mobilization and Deployment Program at Fort Stewart provides community support for all members of the Soldier’s Family, whether a spouse, mom, dad, children, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone who the Soldier defines as being nearest and dearest relation.   

Whether the deployment is to National Training Center in California, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea or any place Soldier to create a separation for an extended period, the Mobilization and Deployment Program is structured to provide essential information to increase understanding of what is going on.  Johnson said a common misconception about deployments and reintegration is “I already know my loved one, I do not need help.” 

He said with ability to communicate with anyone at your fingertips, the distance of deployments may not seem as far as it once did; it can seem like a non-issue. However, Johnson advises it is better to maintain a proactive position.  Mobilization and Deployment is a free program.

They offer training, forums and more. One of the unique abilities of the Mobilization and Deployment team excels at is developing outside the box training events to expand the adult learning experience, trying to make it fun.  Getting away from sitting in a classroom.  Some of these include disco through deployment; rocking reintegration; the Amazing Race. 
They can provide information booths with information regarding the deployment and reintegration. 

They have information about welcome home ceremonies, locations and lessons learned feedback from other Families too.  Johnson said training and forums can be tailored special, realizing training is not a one-size fits all. 
For more information about the program, visit ACS, building 87 or call 767-1257.

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