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Posted: June 8, 2017 2:13 p.m.

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Accessing Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield

As the summer arrives, so too does the transition of our military and civilian work forces and their Families. We would like to take this time to address the proper procedures to access either Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield.

Army Regulation 190-13, Army Directive 2014-05 (Policy and implementation for common access card and Installations access for uncleared contractors,  dated March 7, 2014) and Headquaters, Department of the Army EXORD 033-15 (Installation Access) are the primary documents that guide our policy and procedures regarding access to the Installation. For those with a valid Department of Defense ID card, you will be granted access to the installation. For non-affiliated DoD personnel, they will be required to receive a pass or an Automated Installation Entry card to access the installations. The vetting at the visitor control center includes the use of the National Crimes Information Center; ensuring that we are keeping our most valuable assets (Soldiers, Civilians and their Families) safe.

Personnel needing access to Stewart or Hunter are required to report to the VCCs with a valid driver’s license, valid vehicle registration and valid insurance card. Individuals who will be accessing the installation on a regular basis should get an AIE card from the registration office at building 226, Fort Stewart or building 1286, Hunter. This AIE card is good for up to 12 months.

The checks made are to ensure individual’s requesting access to the installation have no criminal history within the last 10 Years. Person(s) with any criminal history, who require access to the installation, will need to complete an Access Denial Waiver Packet. This packet will need to be approved by the garrison commander to gain access to the installation. Below is a list of “Reasons to Deny” access:

• Any felony convictions regardless of date:
    a. Child molestation/pornography
    b. Espionage
    c. Human trafficking
    d. Rape
    e. Sabotage
    f. Sexual assault
    g. Registered sex offender
    h. Terrorism
    i. Treason
    j. Active arrest warrants

• Any felony convictions to include the following in the last 10 years:
    a. Armed robbery
    b. Drug distribution/selling
    c. Murder
    d. Three (3) or more convicted DUI’s
    e. Three (3) or more convicted misdemeanors (In the last 3 years)

DES wants to ensure that all authorized personnel are granted access to Stewart and Hunter in a smooth and efficient manner, while maintaining the safety and security of the community. If there are any questions please feel free to go to the registration office at building 228 or the Visitors Control Center at Gate 1.
Thank You for your support!

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